Wednesday, March 5, 2008

South African Satellite Installers

The regulator in South Africa is of the opinion that Free2view requires a licence if we sell decoders or have a relationship with installation companies.

Consequently Free2view and or its parent company Great Media Limited do not sell, associate with or supply the equipment required to receive our signal in South Africa, however there is no law forbidding South African citizens from choosing to purchase satellite reception equipment that meets the specification and standards as published in the Government Gazette dated 7th February 2008 Vol 512 No.30753. These specifications are listed under section 11 as Non Telecommunications EMC Standards on page 21 as SANS 2200 (CISPR 20) and SANS 213 (CISPR 13) or SANS 60728-2 for sound and television collective distribution systems.

Now that we have the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, please ensure that if as a South African citizen you decide to exercise your constitutional right to receive and impart information, make sure the equipment is purchased from a reputable dealer who has complied with the law.

So here is a non moderated forum for South African installers to assist South Africans who may have questions.